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Based in Livonia, MI, Accurate Construction Group is your one-stop shop for rental and retail home construction and home remodel services. With over ten years of experience in the Metro Detroit real estate market, our licensed and insured home renovation specialists provide professional service and quality, dependable repairs.

We understand how high the stakes are when it comes to exterior & interior home renovations. The difference between profitability and disaster is razor thin. When you call on us for a kitchen remodel or a complete home remodel you know that you are working with some of the brightest minds in the industry. We have an experienced staff of renovation specialists who are excited to take on each and every project. We want to hear from you about your specific needs. We will devise a plan for a home renovation that will truly transform your home and increase the value of your property.

Explore our website, or contact us to learn why Metro Detroit’s top realtors choose Accurate CG for all of their home renovation needs!

"Zero money down, Zero Percent Financing options available!"

Who are we?

Accurate CG

Accurate CG is a leading construction and home renovation service provider in Metro Detroit. What sets us apart from similar companies is our knowledge and experienced staff of renovation experts in the Metro Detroit and Michigan Rental Property market. Our team consists of office staff, on-field inspectors, and a multitude of diverse contractors, with the capabilities to complete any home renovation need.

What do we do?

Accurate CG

We offer a comprehensive suite of interior and exterior home renovation services. Our licensed and insured contractors are fully equipped to handle all types of renovations; from full rehabilitation projects to tenant turn repairs. We regularly complete assignments following city bylaws and regulations, and have the ability to pull permits on all work that requires it. When you need the best in renovation, we deliver.

Who do we service?

Accurate CG

Although we provide service to everyday homeowners, the majority of our clients are domestic/international investors/landlords, in need of quality renovations to their income producing properties. From small family homes, to multi-unit apartment complexes, our services extend across the real estate market. All clients are treated with respect, and our team is dedicated to helping restore the beautiful homes of Metro Detroit to their full potential.

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