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Who are we?

Accurate CG

Accurate CG is a leading construction and home renovation service provider in Metro Detroit. What sets us apart from similar companies is our knowledge and experienced staff of renovation experts in the Metro Detroit and Michigan Rental Property market. Our team consists of office staff, on-field inspectors, and a multitude of diverse contractors, with the capabilities to complete any home renovation need.

What do we do?

Accurate CG

We offer a comprehensive suite of interior and exterior home renovation services. Our licensed and insured contractors are fully equipped to handle all types of renovations; from full rehabilitation projects to tenant turn repairs. We regularly complete assignments following city bylaws and regulations, and have the ability to pull permits on all work that requires it. When you need the best in renovation, we deliver.

Who do we service?

Accurate CG

Although we provide service to everyday homeowners, the majority of our clients are domestic/international investors/landlords, in need of quality renovations to their income producing properties. From small family homes, to multi-unit apartment complexes, our services extend across the real estate market. All clients are treated with respect, and our team is dedicated to helping restore the beautiful homes of Metro Detroit to their full potential.



Founded on the basis of providing reliable renovations for investment properties in Metro Detroit, Accurate CG has evolved into one of the most capable and diverse construction companies in the region. As the trend of providing newly renovated homes to tenants has grown popular among local real estate investors, we have specialized our services for investors interested in economical (along with high end) renovations to their income producing properties.

With over ten years of service to the Metro Detroit real estate market, we at Accurate CG understand what the common investor is looking for. In the most recent years, Accurate CG has had a distinct role in the revitalization of many neighborhoods in the City of Detroit and surrounding suburbs. Investment properties rely on
performance and sustainability to be profitable, and our renovation team has the capabilities and know-how to complete projects efficiently, while adhering to strict budgets.

What sets Accurate CG apart from other construction services is the experience we have with investment properties. While all investment companies and groups have different approaches to renovations, what remains constant is the need for financially reasonable renovation work. As a subsidiary company of a Turnkey Property Developer, we have resources unavailable to other construction companies, which provide us the ability to deliver unmatched services, and the highest value for your dollar.

Our Team

A diverse team of estimators, inspectors and contractors, along with office staff that are seasoned in real estate investments give Accurate CG a unique advantage in the industry. In addition to our in-house inspectors and contractors, our management team has the ability to take on the most complicated projects, and simplify them to just a few moving parts.

We are constantly modernizing our capabilities, growing with the ever-changing market and demand of investors looking to stay ahead of the game. Our team is constantly analyzing design and functionality trends, with the aim to keep our clients’ properties distinct and desirable. We have a standard recommended design for investment properties, that is often updated to suit client needs. Our main advantage can be attributed to the close partnerships we have developed with many of the industries top suppliers, keeping our costs low and designs fresh.

It is no secret that property investors are looking to make a profit, with as little financial contribution to the property as possible. At Accurate CG, we understand and help our clients achieve their financial goals.

Standard Operating Procedure

Our wide array of services goes beyond renovations. With a standard operating procedure involving before and after photos, detailed estimation sheets, and detailed scopes of work for all projects, our clients know to expect the best value for their dollar. We believe in transparency with all clients, and will never cut corners or consider a project ready until a meticulous walk-through by our in-house inspector confirms all work is complete and accurately represents the Accurate CG mission.

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